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Bonné, Jon

The New French Wine (two-book boxed set)

The New French Wine (two-book boxed set)

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From the publisher

The first definitive guide to more than 400 contemporary French wines and producers in a deluxe two-book package, from a two-time James Beard Award winner.

This comprehensive and authoritative resource features more than 400 profiles of French wines, evocative photography, maps, and a region-by-region guide, plus the incisive narrative and compelling storytelling that has earned Jon Bonné accolades and legions of fans in the wine world. Packaged in a deluxe slip case and built upon years of research, The New French Wine is a one-of-a-kind book set exploring the world's most popular wine region. First examine the land through a narrative overview of the soil, growing conditions, and products particular to each area. Then turn to the second book, which is a reference guide to the producers, divided by region. From Burgundy to Bordeaux and everywhere in between, this is sure to be the resource on what modern French wine has come to mean for decades to come.

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Title: "The New French Wine" by Jon Bonné: A Fascinating Journey into France's Wine Revolution

Rating: ★★★★☆ (4/5)

"The New French Wine" by Jon Bonné takes wine enthusiasts on an enlightening exploration of the contemporary wine scene in France. In a country deeply rooted in tradition, Bonné unveils a dynamic, innovative, and exciting evolution occurring within the French wine industry.

One of the book's strengths is its focus on the revolution happening in regions often overshadowed by Bordeaux and Burgundy. Bonné introduces readers to passionate winemakers from lesser-known areas such as the Jura, Loire, and Corsica. He sheds light on the reimagining of old vineyards and the rediscovery of native grape varieties, which are contributing to a more diverse and vibrant French wine landscape.

Bonné's writing is engaging and informative, making complex wine concepts accessible to a broad readership. He skillfully balances technical explanations with anecdotes and stories about the people driving this transformation, allowing readers to connect with the subject matter on a personal level.

The book's structure, organized by regions and wine producers, enhances its readability and provides a sense of immersion into the different terroirs of France. Each chapter explores the unique challenges and innovations of a specific area, offering insights into how winemakers are embracing sustainability, natural winemaking practices, and organic viticulture.

However, some readers might find the sheer volume of information and the diversity of regions covered somewhat overwhelming. While this comprehensive approach provides a well-rounded view of France's evolving wine culture, it can be challenging to absorb all the details in one reading.

In conclusion, "The New French Wine" by Jon Bonné is a compelling and informative book that reveals a side of French wine often overshadowed by tradition. Bonné's exploration of emerging regions and innovative winemakers offers a fresh perspective on the dynamic evolution taking place in the French wine industry. While it may be a bit dense for readers new to wine, enthusiasts and those interested in the changing landscape of French wine will find this book both enlightening and inspiring. "The New French Wine" is an essential read for anyone curious about the exciting future of French winemaking.