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Mas, Victoria

The Farm to Table French Phrasebook: Master the Culture, Language and Savoir Faire of French Cuisine

The Farm to Table French Phrasebook: Master the Culture, Language and Savoir Faire of French Cuisine

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From the publisher

Whether you're spending a semester in Paris, vacationing in the Riviera, dining at a local bistro or mastering the French culinary art in your own kitchen, The Farm to Table French Phrasebook opens a bountiful world of food that you won't find in any textbook or classroom:

- Navigate produce markets, charcuteries and patisseries
- Prepare meals the French way with delicious, authentic recipes
- Speak the lingo of Paris's top restaurants and bistros
- Pair regional wines with delightful cheeses
- Master the proper table etiquette for dining at a friend's house


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From Chef Scott

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This helpful little book is a delightful culinary companion that bridges the gap between language and the pleasures of French cuisine. This book is a unique gem, designed to immerse readers in the world of farm-to-table dining and the essence of French gastronomy.

With every page, readers embark on a linguistic and culinary journey that navigates markets, bistros, and kitchens. Mas's passion for food and language intertwines seamlessly as she provides essential phrases and insights that empower travelers to engage with local producers, chefs, and ingredients.

The phrasebook's thoughtful organization and practicality make it an invaluable resource for food enthusiasts and travelers alike. It's not just about communication; it's about forging connections and experiencing the heart of French culture through its delectable offerings.

"Farm to Table French Phrasebook" isn't merely a reference guide; it's a passport to meaningful culinary experiences. Whether you're savoring regional delicacies or engaging in vibrant food conversations, this book enhances your journey by infusing every interaction with the flavors and traditions of authentic French cuisine.