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Risley, Mary

Tante Marie's Cooking School Cookbook

Tante Marie's Cooking School Cookbook

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From the publisher

Have you ever read a recipe that called for artichokes and wondered just how to trim them, or wanted to learn the proper way to use a pastry bag? While most cookbooks provide home cooks with only recipes, The Tante Marie's Cooking School Cookbook provides recipes and detailed cooking techniques -- it's like going to cooking school without ever leaving your home. With more than 250 delicious yet approachable recipes and countless techniques, The Tante Marie's Cooking School Cookbook enables readers to become familiar with the basics of cooking and then encourages them to improvise. Because the recipes have been tested in the San Francisco kitchens of Tante Marie's by hundreds of students, home cooks can be assured that they are virtually foolproof.

Having guided thousands of students through the world of French cooking for the past thirty years, renowned cooking teacher Mary Risley is well aware of common mistakes made in the kitchen. Risley troubleshoots a multitude of problem areas for cooks (such as what to do if your soup is too thick, or not thick enough), allowing home cooks to avoid common pitfalls. With variations provided for many dishes and instructions on how to cook without recipes, more advanced home cooks can start to create dishes on their own.

From delicious hors d'oeuvres like Fava Bean Crostini with Pecorino and Miniature Shrimp Quiches and Asparagus-Fontina Pizza with Truffle Oil, to enticing entrees like Roast Chicken with New Potatoes and Olives, Halibut Baked with Warm Shallot Compote, and Herbed Rack of Lamb with Béarnaise Sauce, Risley presents an impressive array of French-inspired recipes for contemporary American tastes. Classic recipes are updated with modern twists in dishes such as Fresh Pea Soup with Cilantro and Meyer Lemon Crème Brûlée. Delectable dessert recipes include Grand Marnier Soufflé, Gingerbread Napoleon with Poached Pears and Caramel Sauce, Compote of Fresh Berries with Lemon Verbena Ice Cream, and classic Tiramisù.

Additional chapters on first courses, soups, salads, pasta and risotto, fish and shellfish, vegetables, breads, cookies, chocolates, cakes, and pastries offer the home cook a recipe for every occasion. Risley also provides in-depth discussions on ingredients such as cheese, chocolate, truffles, and planned leftovers. A section of Suggested Seasonal Menus as well as a chapter of foundation recipes for accomplished cooks complete this wonderful volume.

Illustrated with gorgeous black-and-white drawings, The Tante Marie's Cooking School Cookbook will become the cookbook you can't live without. It's the next best thing to having a cooking instructor cook right beside you.

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From Chef Scott

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"Tante Marie's Cooking School Cookbook" is a delightful treasure trove for all cooking enthusiasts! From start to finish, this cookbook exudes the joy of cooking, and I couldn't be happier with the culinary journey it offers.

What sets this book apart is its emphasis on teaching and demystifying the art of cooking. The step-by-step instructions are incredibly user-friendly, making complex techniques feel approachable and achievable for home cooks of all levels. It's like having your very own cooking mentor guiding you through each recipe.

The range of recipes is impressive, covering a wide spectrum of cuisines and culinary styles. Whether you're craving classic comfort food or eager to explore international flavors, you'll find something to tantalize your taste buds. The cookbook also offers invaluable tips and tricks that elevate your cooking skills.

The beautiful photography throughout the book not only showcases the delicious end results but also captures the essence of the cooking process, making it all the more engaging.

What truly shines through in "Tante Marie's Cooking School Cookbook" is the author's passion for sharing the love of food. It's a cookbook that not only feeds your stomach but also feeds your soul, leaving you with a sense of accomplishment and pure culinary delight.

In summary, this cookbook is a must-have addition to any kitchen. It's a joyful celebration of the art of cooking and a testament to the power of good food to bring happiness to our lives. Thank you to Tante Marie for this culinary masterpiece!


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