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Lagrève, Manon

Simple French Baking: Over 80 Sweet Recipes for the Home Cook

Simple French Baking: Over 80 Sweet Recipes for the Home Cook

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From the publisher

In her debut cookbook Simple French Baking, Manon proves that elegant French baking does not have to be difficult or pretentious to make. With just a few basic pieces of baking equipment and Manon's secret short-cuts, you too can master the French pastries and desserts of your dreams.

This is a collection of her favorite family recipes, many of which were handed down by her mother and grandmothers, and are perfect for sharing with the people you love. Whether you want to perfect the classics such as brioche, éclairs and macarons or whip up a galette or a clafoutis after a mid-week meal, there's something for every baker and palate. French baking can be chic and simple, and whatever your baking skill, Manon will show you how.


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From Chef Scott

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"Simply French Baking" by Manon Lagreve is a delightful masterpiece that captures the heart and soul of French baking with a fresh, modern twist. This book is a culinary treasure trove, celebrating the elegance of French pastries in a way that's accessible and inspiring.

With every turn of the page, readers are invited into Manon's world, where simple ingredients and clever techniques result in stunning creations. Her recipes seamlessly blend tradition with innovation, showcasing a range of treats that span from classic croissants to inventive tart variations.

Manon's passion for baking shines through in her meticulous instructions, accompanied by beautiful photography that tempts the taste buds. Her warm and approachable style makes even the most intricate recipes feel achievable, making this book a perfect companion for both novice and experienced bakers.

"Simply French Baking" isn't just a cookbook; it's an enchanting journey into the heart of French pastry. Whether you're dreaming of flaky viennoiseries or decadent desserts, this book is a true celebration of the artistry and joy that come with baking the French way.