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Rimbert Craig, Caroline

Provence: The Cookbook

Provence: The Cookbook

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From the publisher

Provence is the fruit and vegetable garden of France, where much of its most beautiful produce is grown. These ingredients, combined with Provence's unique identity, position, and history have resulted in a cuisine full of heart, balance, and soul--a cuisine that showcases its peoples' reverence for the produce, the changing seasons, and the land.

Caroline Rimbert Craig's maternal family comes from the southern foothills of Mont Ventoux, where the sun beats hard and dry, but aromatic herbs, vines, and fruit trees prosper. This is her guide to cooking the Provençale way, for those who want to eat simply but well, who love to cook dishes that rhyme with the seasons, and who want to recreate the flavors of the Mediterranean at home, wherever that may be.

With stunning color photographs to accompany the recipes, the book is also interspersed with shots of Provence's beautiful landscapes, reflecting the region's rich culinary culture.


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From Chef Scott

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"Provence: The Cookbook" is a culinary treasure that encapsulates the vibrant soul of Provencal cuisine. Caroline Rimbert Craig's book is a symphony of flavors, a celebration of fresh ingredients, and a heartfelt homage to the culinary traditions of this sun-kissed region.

With every page, readers are transported to the picturesque landscapes and charming markets of Provence. The recipes reflect the essence of the Mediterranean, showcasing the marriage of simplicity and sophistication that defines French cooking. From the aromatic herbs to the luscious produce, every ingredient is celebrated.

Rimbert Craig's passion for the region and its cuisine is palpable, infusing each recipe with authenticity and warmth. The book not only offers a delightful array of dishes but also weaves in the cultural context and stories that enrich the dining experience.

"Provence: The Cookbook" isn't just a collection of recipes; it's a culinary journey that invites you to savor the sun-soaked flavors of Provence in your own kitchen. A must-have for anyone enamored with French cuisine and the irresistible charm of the South of France.