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Hermé, Pierre

Pierre Hermé Macaron: The Ultimate Recipes from the Master Pâtissier

Pierre Hermé Macaron: The Ultimate Recipes from the Master Pâtissier

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From the publisher

The uncontested leader of French pastry chefs, Pierre Hermé has made the macaron one of the most coveted, sought-after desserts from Tokyo to Paris to New York. Including more than 60 elegantly photographed recipes, Pierre Hermé Macaron is the definitive guide to macarons.

in this comprehensive look at the beloved pastry, the classics such as vanilla and chocolate are explored alongside Hermé's masterful inventions. Can you imagine making these yourself?

  • Hazelnut oil and green asparagus macaron
  • Mandarin olive oil macaron
  • Mint and pea macaron
  • Green tea, black sesame, and puffed rice macaron
  • Strawberry and wasabi macaron
  • Green apple and lovage macaron
  • Espelette pepper/chili and lemon gelee macaron
  • Pumpkin and corn macaron
  • Fennel and lemon macaron
  • Arugula, mint, green apple, and cucumber macaron
  • And more!

His entirely original and inspired flavor combinations make it clear why Hermé's macarons are famous the world over. The genius pâtissier's best macarons, including many of his newest recipes, are revealed for the first time in a gorgeous volume that almost rivals the beauty of the exquisite creations featured within.

Beautiful enough to display on your coffee table, this is a cookbook to be used and used and used. Amazing for beginners, it's also a must for serious macaron bakers. Hermé includes a kitchen guide, step-by-steps recipes with lavish photography, and much more. If you want to take a step up to a new world of creativity and lusciousness, this is a book for you.

Includes a removable step-by-step guide to techniques used throughout the book.

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From Chef Scott

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This is an exquisite and comprehensive guide to the art of macaron making by one of the most revered figures in modern pastry, Pierre Hermé. This book is a definitive resource for anyone aspiring to master the delicate and delightful world of macarons, offering a deep dive into the techniques, flavors, and artistry of this beloved confection.

Hermé, often referred to as the 'Picasso of Pastry', brings his unparalleled expertise and creativity to every page of this book. The recipes range from classic flavors to more innovative and adventurous creations, showcasing Hermé's signature style of combining unique textures and tastes. Each recipe is a testament to his mastery and understanding of the craft, promising to transform the home baker's approach to making macarons.

The level of detail in "Pierre Hermé Macaron" is truly impressive. Hermé meticulously outlines the techniques for creating perfect macarons, from the precise measurements and preparation methods to the baking and filling processes. His instructions are clear and methodical, ensuring that even those new to macaron making can achieve successful results with practice.

One of the most remarkable aspects of the book is its emphasis on precision and perfection. Hermé leaves no stone unturned in explaining the intricacies of macaron making, addressing common pitfalls and offering solutions. This rigorous approach underscores the complexity and beauty of crafting macarons, elevating the book from a simple recipe collection to a comprehensive guide to the art of pastry.

The book is beautifully presented, with stunning photography that captures the elegance and vibrancy of Hermé's creations. Each image is not only a visual feast but also serves as an inspiration and guide, showing the delicate textures, colors, and compositions that make macarons a unique culinary masterpiece.

In addition to the recipes, Hermé provides insights into the science behind the ingredients and techniques, enhancing the reader's understanding and appreciation of the craft. He shares his philosophy of flavor and design, encouraging readers to experiment and develop their own style within the framework of classic techniques.

"Pierre Hermé Macaron: The Ultimate Recipes from the Master Pâtissier" also delves into the history of the macaron, offering a fascinating glimpse into its evolution and Hermé's role in redefining and popularizing this iconic pastry.

Whether you're a seasoned baker or a passionate amateur, "Pierre Hermé Macaron" will inspire and challenge you to create macarons that are not just delicious but also a work of art.