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Polcyn, Brian

Pâté, Confit, Rillette: Recipes from the Craft of Charcuterie

Pâté, Confit, Rillette: Recipes from the Craft of Charcuterie

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From the publisher

In Pâté, Confit, Rillette, Brian Polcyn and Michael Ruhlman provide a comprehensive guide to the most elegant and accessible branch of the charcuterie tradition. There is arguably nothing richer and more flavorful than a slice of pâté de foie gras, especially when it's spread onto crusty bread. Anyone lucky enough to have been treated to a duck confit, poached and preserved in its own fat, or a pâté en croute, knows they're impossible to resist.

And yet, pâtés, confits, rillettes, and similar dishes featured in this book were developed in the pursuit of frugality. Butchers who didn't want to waste a single piece of the animals they slaughtered could use these dishes to serve and preserve them. In so doing, they founded a tradition of culinary alchemy that transformed lowly cuts of meat into culinary gold.

Polcyn and Ruhlman begin with crucial instructions about how to control temperature and select your ingredients to ensure success, and quickly move on to master recipes, offering the fundamental ratios of fat, meat, and seasoning, which will allow chefs to easily make their own variations. The recipes that follow span traditional dishes and modern inventions, featuring a succulent chicken terrine embedded with sautéed mushrooms and flecked with bright green herbs; modern rillettes of shredded salmon and whitefish; classic confits of duck and goose; and a vegetarian layered potato terrine.

Pâté, Confit, Rillette is the book to reach for when a cook or chef intends to explore these timeless techniques, both the fundamentals and their nuances, and create exquisite food.

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From Chef Scott

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This is a definitive guide that brilliantly showcases the art and skill of traditional French charcuterie. This book is an invaluable resource for both culinary professionals and enthusiasts alike, offering a deep dive into the world of pâtés, confits, rillettes, and more. Its comprehensive approach to the craft of charcuterie makes it a standout in culinary literature, providing readers with the knowledge and techniques to master these classic preparations.

The authors, with their profound expertise in charcuterie, have crafted a book that is both instructional and inspiring. They guide readers through the nuances of charcuterie, covering a range of techniques from the basic to the advanced. The recipes are meticulously detailed, offering clear, step-by-step instructions that ensure successful outcomes even for those new to charcuterie.

One of the remarkable features of "Pâté, Confit, Rillette" is the breadth and depth of its content. The book explores a wide array of charcuterie specialties, from traditional terrines and pâtés to slow-cooked confits and rich rillettes. Each recipe is thoughtfully presented, with notes on history, variations, and serving suggestions that enhance the reader's understanding and appreciation of charcuterie.

The authors also delve into the principles behind charcuterie, such as the importance of ingredient selection, the science of preservation, and the art of seasoning. This foundational knowledge is crucial for anyone looking to create authentic and flavorful charcuterie.

Visually, the book is beautifully designed, with photographs that not only illustrate the finished dishes but also capture the process and craftsmanship involved in charcuterie. These images are both instructional and inspiring, adding to the overall appeal of the book.

"Pâté, Confit, Rillette" goes beyond recipes to explore the cultural and historical context of charcuterie, offering insights into how these culinary traditions have evolved and their place in contemporary cuisine. This broader perspective enriches the reader's experience, making the book more than a cookbook but a journey through the heritage of French culinary art.

Without a doubt, "Pâté, Confit, Rillette: Recipes from the Craft of Charcuterie" is an essential guide for anyone passionate about the art of charcuterie. It is a book that offers both education and inspiration, filled with expert guidance, exquisite recipes, and a deep reverence for the tradition and craft of charcuterie. Whether you are a seasoned chef or an aspiring home cook, this book will be a cherished resource, inviting you to explore and master the timeless art of French charcuterie.