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Gaudry, François-Régis

Let's Eat Paris

Let's Eat Paris

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From the publisher

Paris is the second-most visited city in the world--and food-wise, it has no peer. The cafés, the bistros, the bakeries, the grand old restaurants. And the shops, from chocolate and macarons to wine and cheese, from copper cookware to one-of-a-kind china--there's nothing like it. Not to mention the culinary culture of the French capital, with its writers, artists, movie stars, expatriates, and more, all of whom made food and drink central to their lives. How natural then, and how perfect for the reader, that the author of Let's Eat France! and Let's Eat Italy! now turns his attention to his hometown.

Chockful of infographics, recipes, photographs and illustrations, biographies, anecdotes, and quirky takes on unexpected trends, present and historical, Let's Eat Paris! is the ultimate food lover's guide to the ultimate food lover's city. Read a timeline of the brasserie. An ode to the frites of Paris. Profiles of iconic restaurants: Tour d'Argent, Fouquets, L'ami Louis, La Coupole, Le Procope. Behold the sacred croissant and the twelve best places to find one. The tradition of hidden private dining rooms and other love nooks. Café Flore vs. Les Deux Magots. Best imports: kebabs, burgers, pizza. Recipes for Leeks Vinaigrette, Tournedos Rossini, Boeuf Bourguignon, Jambon-Beurre (and where to find the ones worth eating). A Hemingway tour. A guide to street markets. Art Nouveau or Art Deco? And tres, tres more.

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From Chef Scott

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"Let's Eat Paris" by François-Régis Gaudry is a culinary treasure that beckons you to savor the City of Light through its vibrant and diverse food culture. This enchanting book is nothing short of a gastronomic love letter to Paris, and it's an absolute delight for anyone who cherishes the magic of French cuisine.

Gaudry's passion for the culinary wonders of Paris is palpable from the very first page. As a seasoned food journalist and Parisian insider, he guides readers on a mouthwatering journey through the city's diverse culinary landscape. His enthusiasm is infectious, and it's as if he's a close friend revealing the hidden gems of the city while sharing the most delectable food stories.

What truly distinguishes "Let's Eat Paris" is its unique format. Gaudry has created a visual and gastronomic map of Paris, allowing readers to explore the city's culinary landscape with ease. The book is divided into neighborhoods, each with its own collection of must-visit eateries, from traditional bistros to contemporary hotspots. This structure not only makes it a practical guide for exploring Paris but also a feast for the eyes as it's teeming with colorful illustrations, photographs, and anecdotes.

The selection of establishments featured in the book is wonderfully diverse. From legendary patisseries to cozy wine bars, every place is carefully chosen to showcase the broad spectrum of Parisian food culture. Whether you're in search of the perfect croissant, a soul-warming bowl of bouillabaisse, or a tantalizing cheese platter, Gaudry's recommendations are spot on, ensuring you experience the very best of Parisian gastronomy.

Gaudry's writing is both informative and entertaining. He adds a personal touch to his descriptions, sharing stories about the people behind the food and the history of the establishments. His love for the city and its culinary traditions infuses every word, making the book a pleasure to read and an indispensable resource for planning your culinary adventures in Paris.

In conclusion, "Let's Eat Paris" by François-Régis Gaudry is a must-have for anyone who loves good food and dreams of wandering the charming streets of Paris. It's a joyful celebration of the city's rich culinary heritage, served with a generous helping of passion and expertise. Whether you're a foodie planning a trip to Paris or an armchair traveler, this book will ignite your appetite for adventure and leave you yearning for a taste of the irresistible Parisian culinary scene. Bon appétit!