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Picot, Jean-Paul

La Bonne Soupe Cookbook

La Bonne Soupe Cookbook

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From the publisher

Bistro cooking made easy with mouth-watering recipes from the famous La Bonne Soupe bistro on West 55th Street in New York City. Interesting recipe intros and stories. Each recipe offers complete meal menus, including what bread and wine to serve. 

Award-winning onion soup and other delectables - cheese fondue, stews, cassoulet, quiches and omlettes, poisson and poulet! Great tips on techniques, cookware and ingredients. The best chocolate mousse recipes, crêpes suzette and fondues!

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From Chef Scott

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On my first trip to NYC, I ate at La Bonne Soupe and I have gone back each and every time I visit the city. The recipes in this cookbook are as delicious as the dishes in the restaurant. They're also generally quick to prepare and very straightforward. If you're looking for "weeknight French", you have found your cookbook.