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Pepin, Jacques

Jacques Pépin Quick & Simple

Jacques Pépin Quick & Simple

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250 of master chef Jacques Pépin's classic and timeless recipes for unexpectedly polished and satisfying meals with minimal prep and cleanup.

You don't need a kitchen brigade, decades-honed skills, or expensive ingredients to cook and eat like master chef Jacques Pépin. Just like the rest of us, he doesn't always have as much time or energy as he'd like to put together a satisfying meal. So, he came up with Jacques Pépin Quick & Simple, 250 recipes for surprisingly achievable, impressive fare. Covering homemade staples and every course, with tips for kitchen tools and equipment, pantry staples, and techniques to simplify and improve every dish you make, this foundational, classic collection is essential for every busy home cook who refuses to eat poorly. Dine on the Braised Short Ribs in Red Wine Sauce that Jacques is proud to serve, prepared in under an hour. Or, for healthier fare, Suprêmes of Chicken with Paprika comes together in under thirty minutes. Originally published as The Short-Cut Cook, this revised edition is a testament to Jacques' timeless food and advice, and now includes beautiful photographs.

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From Chef Scott

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The legendary Jacques Pépin returns with a treasure trove for anyone who loves the art of cooking but is constrained by the demands of modern life. Pépin brilliantly demonstrates that simplicity, speed, and elegance can coexist in the kitchen, offering a collection of recipes that are both quick to prepare and delightful to the palate.

In this book, Pépin continues his tradition of making French cuisine approachable for the home cook. Each recipe in "Jacques Pépin Quick & Simple" is a testament to his philosophy that great food does not have to be complicated or time-consuming. The dishes are crafted to minimize effort and maximize flavor, reflecting Pépin’s unparalleled ability to simplify cooking without sacrificing quality.

The range of recipes is impressive, covering everything from starters and salads to hearty main courses and indulgent desserts. Pépin’s skillful selection ensures that there is something for every occasion and taste. Whether you’re looking for a quick weeknight dinner, a simple appetizer for entertaining, or a fast and fabulous dessert, this book has it all.

One of the most engaging aspects of "Jacques Pépin Quick & Simple" is the clarity and precision of the instructions. Pépin’s guidance is easy to follow, making the recipes accessible to cooks of all skill levels. He shares valuable tips and shortcuts that streamline the cooking process, demonstrating his deep understanding of home cooking needs and challenges.

The book is not only practical but also beautifully presented. The photography is stunning, capturing the essence of each dish in a way that is both inviting and inspiring. These images not only serve as a visual guide but also as a testament to the beauty of simple, well-prepared food.

Pépin's personal anecdotes and reflections throughout the book add a charming and intimate dimension. His stories provide context and background to the recipes, making the book a delightful read as well as a practical cooking guide.

In addition to recipes, "Jacques Pépin Quick & Simple" offers insights into fundamental cooking techniques and ingredient choices. This foundational knowledge enhances the reader's ability to adapt recipes and to cook with confidence and creativity.

It’s a book that embodies the joy and beauty of cooking, showing that with the right approach, even the simplest meals can be transformed into culinary delights. Jacques Pépin once again proves why he is a revered figure in the culinary world, delivering a book that is both immensely practical and deeply inspiring.