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Cazes, Jean-Michel

From Bordeaux to the Stars: The Reawakening of a Wine Legend

From Bordeaux to the Stars: The Reawakening of a Wine Legend

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From the publisher

Owner of Château Lynch-Bages, Grand Cru Classé of Pauillac, Jean-Michel Cazes is an international figure in wine. He has contributed to bringing the Bordeaux vineyard into the modern day and bears witness to the upheavals in the wine world over the past 50 years.

After a golden age crowned by the 1855 classification which made Bordeaux crus the most famous wines in the world, the Bordeaux vineyards took time to integrate the changes of the 20th and 21st centuries. Jean-Michel Cazes witnessed the crisis of the 1970s which saw the aura of Bordeaux tarnish and the price of its wines collapse. He was a major player in their revival and their tireless ambassador. The family history and personal journey of this enthusiastic entrepreneur, winegrower at heart, make his book a real saga. His experience and his wise reflections are all keys to deciphering the complex heritage and functioning of the grands crus of Bordeaux.

This book, translated by leading Bordeaux expert, Jane Anson, is his story, not just of his own journey, but of the evolution of wine-making over the 20th century and into the 21st, where his son now runs one of the most progressive chateaux in the world, in a new facility designed by Pei Partnership.

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"From Bordeaux to the Stars" by Jean-Michel Cazes offers a captivating and insightful glimpse into the world of wine, from the storied vineyards of Bordeaux to the intriguing intersections of wine, art, and science. Cazes, a prominent figure in the wine industry, takes readers on a personal journey through his life, revealing the dedication and innovation that have shaped his career.

This memoir begins with Cazes' early experiences in Bordeaux, where he inherited and revitalized the family vineyard, Château Lynch-Bages. His narrative is infused with warmth and passion as he recounts the challenges and triumphs of transforming the estate into a renowned winery. Cazes' deep love for the land and its vineyards is palpable, and readers will appreciate his dedication to preserving the authenticity of Bordeaux wines.

The book also provides a fascinating look into Cazes' involvement in pioneering projects that venture beyond traditional winemaking. His collaboration with NASA to study the effects of microgravity on wine aging is a testament to his innovative spirit. These unique endeavors add an extra layer of intrigue to the memoir and showcase Cazes as not only a winemaker but also a visionary.

Cazes' writing style is straightforward and sincere, making it accessible to both wine enthusiasts and general readers. He strikes a good balance between sharing personal anecdotes and discussing the technical aspects of winemaking, ensuring that the narrative remains engaging throughout.

While "From Bordeaux to the Stars" is a captivating memoir, it may leave readers wanting more in terms of depth and detail. Some aspects of Cazes' life and career are covered relatively briefly, and those seeking an in-depth exploration of Bordeaux wines or the intricacies of the wine industry may need to supplement their reading with additional resources.

In conclusion, "From Bordeaux to the Stars" by Jean-Michel Cazes is a compelling and heartfelt memoir that provides a window into the world of Bordeaux wines and the visionary mind of a wine pioneer. Cazes' passion for his craft and his willingness to embrace innovation make this book an intriguing read for wine lovers and anyone interested in the confluence of tradition and progress. While it may leave some readers craving more depth, it is undeniably an enjoyable journey through the life and experiences of a man who has left an indelible mark on the world of wine.