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Audoux, Franck

French Moderne: Cocktails from the Twenties and Thirties with Recipes

French Moderne: Cocktails from the Twenties and Thirties with Recipes

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From the publisher

Following Prohibition, Paris, much like London, became known for serving up original and innovative mixed drinks. Although martinis were present in the late nineteenth century, it was the interwar period, and particularly les années folles that transformed the culture of the cocktail consumption. This fertile time, both intellectually and artistically, was nourished by a growing influx of expatriates from across the Atlantic who made way for an age of experimentation and creation. The new ambassadors of cocktails made alcohols and aperitifs that were specifically French stars of the show. Alongside classic French Vermouth, locally produced spirits including Byrrh, Dubonnet, Suze, and Picon were mixed into distinctly unique cocktails.

With beautiful archival photographs, illustrations, and advertisements, as well as new photographs, Franck Audoux, partner at Le Dauphin and Le Chateiaubriand in Paris, brings life back to these forgotten French spirits and aperitifs, by giving them a modern twist. He provides recipes for more than forty classic French cocktails, from the Sazerac to the Highball, and provides contemporary tips and tricks that make them easy to re-create at home. Perfect for lovers of history and French culture, this book captures the spirit and culture of one of the richest periods in the City of Light and is a must-have for the aspiring and experienced home mixologist alike.

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From Chef Scott

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"French Moderne: Cocktails from the Twenties and Thirties with Recipes" is a captivating and elegantly crafted book that transports readers back to the glamorous era of the 1920s and 30s, specifically focusing on the exquisite cocktail culture of this period in France. This book is not just a collection of recipes; it's a journey into the past, celebrating the sophistication and innovation of cocktail creation during one of the most vibrant periods in history.

The author masterfully brings to life the essence of the French cocktail scene of the twenties and thirties, a time when creativity and elegance were at the forefront of drink-making. The book meticulously curates a selection of classic cocktails from this era, each recipe presented with historical context and clear, easy-to-follow instructions. The inclusion of these historical tidbits not only enriches the recipes but also immerses the reader in the cultural and social nuances of the time.

One of the most delightful aspects of "French Moderne" is the way it blends traditional recipes with contemporary techniques and presentations. This approach not only pays homage to the original creations but also makes the cocktails accessible and appealing to the modern connoisseur. The recipes are diverse, ranging from well-known classics to lesser-known gems, providing readers with a comprehensive taste of the era's cocktail repertoire.

The writing style is engaging and informative, striking a perfect balance between being educational and entertaining. The narrative guides the reader through the intricacies of each cocktail, from its origins to its flavor profile, making the process of cocktail creation a truly immersive experience.

Visually, the book is a masterpiece, with stunning photography and art deco-inspired design that perfectly capture the mood and elegance of the 1920s and 30s. The photographs are not just beautiful but also serve as a helpful guide for presentation, inspiring readers to create drinks that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are delicious.

"French Moderne" also offers practical advice on cocktail-making techniques, ingredient selection, and the art of serving drinks. This practical element ensures that the book is not just a historical exploration but a functional guide for anyone looking to recreate these timeless cocktails at home.

In addition to cocktail recipes, the book delves into the social history of the era, offering insights into the bars, bartenders, and patrons that shaped the cocktail culture of the time. This broader perspective adds depth to the cocktail recipes, making "French Moderne" as much a cultural document as it is a cocktail book.

In short, "French Moderne: Cocktails from the Twenties and Thirties with Recipes" is an essential addition to the library of any cocktail enthusiast or history buff. It’s a book that not only teaches you how to make exquisite drinks but also takes you on a journey through time, offering a taste of the glamour and sophistication of 1920s and 30s France. This book is sure to inspire and delight anyone who has a passion for cocktails and the stories behind them.