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Davis, Hillary

French from the Market

French from the Market

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From the publisher

This newest cookbook from Hillary Davis focuses on the best of traditional French cooking--provincial cuisine based on produce and foods fresh from the market, simply prepared, and delicious for everyday dining at home.

Hillary Davis shows us in French from the Market that French food isn't always haute cuisine. Traditional, daily French cooking is provincial and farm-driven. It is also an art, that uses the freshest and finest ingredients available from gardens, markets, and local vendors to put nourishing meals on the table. And, as Davis point out, French home cooking is not hard. The 100 plus recipes for starters, soups, salads, fish, poultry, meats, vegetables, and desserts in this cookbook, along with detailed instructions and tips, prove her right.

Embrace at-home cooking, French style, with these market-fresh recipes: Arugula Salad over Watermelon with Herbed Goat Cheese; Weeknight Halibut in Basil Cream with Cherry Tomatoes; Autumn Harvest Chicken with Grapes, Apples, and Figs; Broiled Lamb Chops with Warm Potato and Herb Salad; Fluffy Cauliflower and Cheese Quiche; and Fruity, Frosty Cantaloupe Sorbet.

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From Chef Scott

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"French from the Market" by Hillary Davis is an exquisite culinary journey that marries the rustic charm of French market-inspired dishes with the elegance of French cuisine. This beautifully crafted cookbook is a celebration of the vibrant and diverse flavors found in the fresh produce, artisan cheeses, and local meats of French markets. Davis masterfully guides readers through a collection of recipes that are both authentic and innovative, offering a window into the heart of French culinary traditions.

The essence of "French from the Market" lies in its celebration of seasonal, locally-sourced ingredients. Davis's passion for French cooking shines through each recipe, highlighting the importance of quality and freshness in creating dishes that are flavorful and deeply satisfying. The book is thoughtfully organized, taking readers on a seasonal journey through the markets of France, with dishes that showcase the best of what each season has to offer.

Davis's expertise is evident in the wide array of recipes featured in the book, from comforting soups and hearty stews to elegant salads and decadent desserts. Each recipe is carefully crafted, with clear, concise instructions that make French cooking accessible to home cooks of all skill levels. The book's focus on market-fresh ingredients not only enhances the flavors of the dishes but also encourages readers to explore their local markets and discover the joys of cooking with seasonal produce.

The visual presentation of "French from the Market" is stunning, with beautiful photography that captures the essence of French markets and the dishes they inspire. The images not only serve as a visual guide for the recipes but also evoke the atmosphere and charm of wandering through a bustling French market, basket in hand.

In addition to the recipes, Davis provides valuable insights into French culinary culture, including tips on navigating markets, selecting the best ingredients, and the traditions behind the dishes. These personal anecdotes and cultural notes add depth to the book, making it not just a cookbook but a journey into the heart of French cuisine.

It's a testament to the beauty of cooking with seasonal, locally-sourced ingredients, offering readers a taste of France that is both authentic and accessible. Whether you're a seasoned cook or a culinary explorer, this book is a source of inspiration, inviting you to celebrate the richness and diversity of French cuisine, one market-inspired dish at a time.