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Thorisson, Mimi

French Country Cooking: Meals and Moments from a Village in the Vineyards

French Country Cooking: Meals and Moments from a Village in the Vineyards

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From the publisher

Readers everywhere fell in love with Mimi Thorisson, her family, and their band of smooth fox terriers through her blog, Manger, and debut cookbook, A Kitchen in France.

In French Country Cooking, the family moves to an abandoned old château in Médoc. While shopping for local ingredients, cooking, and renovating the house, Mimi meets the farmers and artisans who populate the village and learns about the former owner of the house, an accomplished local cook.

Here are recipes inspired by this eccentric cast of characters, including White Asparagus Soufflé, Wine Harvest Pot au Feu, Endives with Ham, and Salted Butter Chocolate Cake.

Featuring evocative photographs taken by Mimi's husband, Oddur Thorisson, and illustrated endpapers, this cookbook is a charming jaunt to an untouched corner of France that has thus far eluded the spotlight.

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From Chef Scott

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Prepare to embark on a culinary journey through the heart of France with Mimi Thorisson's "French Country Cooking." This enchanting cookbook has left me positively uplifted and enthusiastic about the flavors, traditions, and stories that make French cuisine so extraordinary.

Thorisson's book is a masterpiece that effortlessly captures the essence of French country cooking. From the moment you open its pages, you are transported to the picturesque landscapes of rural France, where fresh ingredients and time-honored recipes reign supreme. It's a celebration of the simple, rustic elegance that defines the very soul of French culinary artistry.

What sets "French Country Cooking" apart is the author's heartfelt storytelling. With every recipe, Thorisson weaves a narrative that not only shares the origins and traditions behind the dishes but also invites you into her world. Her personal anecdotes and vivid descriptions make you feel like an honored guest at her table, savoring each dish and conversation.

The recipes themselves are a treasure trove of French culinary classics, from Coq au Vin to Ratatouille, and lesser-known gems like Quail with Grapes and Cassoulet. Thorisson's instructions are clear and approachable, making even the most complex dishes feel within reach. The stunning photography accompanying each recipe is nothing short of artistry, leaving you eager to recreate these culinary masterpieces at home.

What truly shines in this book is its celebration of seasonal ingredients and the joy of cooking with what's readily available. Thorisson's emphasis on using fresh, locally sourced produce reflects the true spirit of French country cooking, where the flavors of the region take center stage.

"French Country Cooking" is a culinary gem that will leave you upbeat and enthusiastic about bringing the flavors of France into your own kitchen. Whether you're a seasoned chef or a home cook, this book will ignite your passion for cooking and transport you to the sun-kissed countryside of France with each page turn. Mimi Thorisson's love for food, family, and tradition shines through in every recipe, making this book a must-have for anyone who adores the art of French cuisine. It's a joyful celebration of food, culture, and the happiness that comes from sharing a delicious meal with loved ones. Bon appétit!