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Branget, Françoise

French Country Cooking: Authentic Recipes from Every Region

French Country Cooking: Authentic Recipes from Every Region

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From the publisher

French cuisine is revered all around the world, and now French Country Cooking offers the unique opportunity to enter a France that very few tourists ever get to experience. In this richly illustrated cookbook, each gourmand member of the French National Assembly--representing the diverse regions of their native country--shares culinary secrets that will inspire you to try your hand at preparing mouthwatering soups, sides, dinners, and desserts. From a challenging recipe for slow-cooked hare that predates the French Revolution to a simple yet delightful bread, the 180 recipes collected here will satisfy anyone who is curious about the varied dishes of this epicurean country.

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From Chef Scott

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This book is a gem, offering a rich tapestry of recipes that capture the essence of French regional cuisine. Branget, with her deep knowledge and love for French culinary traditions, serves as the perfect guide to the diverse and delectable flavors of France’s countryside.

From the very beginning, the book immerses you in the charm and rustic elegance of French country cooking. Each recipe is a celebration of the local ingredients and time-honored techniques that define the culinary identity of France's various regions. Whether it’s the hearty stews of Burgundy, the aromatic herbs of Provence, or the sumptuous seafood of Brittany, Branget brings each region's specialties to life with her authentic and approachable recipes.

The range of dishes presented in this book is truly impressive, offering something for every palate and occasion. From simple, comforting dishes that can be whipped up on a weeknight to more elaborate meals perfect for special gatherings, Branget ensures that French country cooking is accessible to all. Her instructions are clear and easy to follow, peppered with tips and anecdotes that not only guide but also educate the reader about the origins and traditions behind the dishes.

What makes "French Country Cooking" particularly special is the way Branget infuses each recipe with a story, transporting the reader to the French countryside. Her vivid descriptions of the landscapes, people, and customs that shape each region's cuisine add a rich cultural dimension to the book, making it as much a reading delight as it is a culinary one.

The photography in the book is stunning, capturing the beauty and simplicity of French country fare. Each dish is beautifully presented, highlighting the natural elegance of the ingredients and the rustic charm of French country kitchens.

Moreover, Branget’s emphasis on using fresh, local ingredients speaks to a universal desire for wholesome, sustainable cooking. Her recipes encourage readers to seek out the best produce and to cook seasonally, principles that lie at the heart of French country cooking.

More than just a cookbook, this is an invitation to explore and celebrate the rich diversity of French cuisine. It’s a must-have for anyone who loves French food or is interested in exploring the regional nuances of one of the world’s most renowned culinary destinations. Branget has not only compiled a collection of exquisite recipes but has also captured the spirit and joy of French country cooking.