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Walker, Martin

Bruno's Cookbook: Recipes and Traditions from a French Country Kitchen

Bruno's Cookbook: Recipes and Traditions from a French Country Kitchen

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From the publisher

Bruno Courrèges, the protagonist of Martin Walker's internationally acclaimed mystery series, is not only the local police chief of the idyllic French village of St. Denis, but he also happens to be an impassioned amateur chef. In this delightful cookbook, the culinary and cultural inspiration behind Bruno's fictional world comes to life. Featuring meals from the best-selling series, local recipes, charming anecdotes, and a history of the novels' French setting, Bruno's Cookbook invites readers into the bucolic life of Martin Walker and his wife, Julia Watson, and showcases their passion for the Périgord region's rich cuisine.

Brimming with truffles and pâté, Bruno's Cookbook features more than 90 recipes, including: 

  • Red Onion Tarte Tatin (Tarte Tatin aux oignons rouges)
  • Gratin of Mussels with Parsley and Garlic (Gratin de moules)
  • Duck Breast Fillets with Honey and Mustard (Aiguillettes de canard au miel et à la moutarde)
  • Confit Potato Fries, Sarlat- Style (Pommes de terre à la sarladaises)
  • Walnut Meringue Cake (Gâteau meringué aux noix)
  • Homemade Blackcurrant Liqueur (Crème de cassis)
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From Chef Scott

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"Bruno's Cookbook" by Martin Walker is a delightful culinary journey that invites readers into the heart of the idyllic French village of St. Denis, where the charming Bruno, Chief of Police, takes on a new role as a culinary guide. This cookbook combines the love of food, culture, and the fictional world created by Walker in his Bruno, Chief of Police series.

What makes "Bruno's Cookbook" stand out is its unique blend of fiction and gastronomy. The book seamlessly weaves together Bruno's adventures in St. Denis with mouthwatering recipes inspired by the dishes he encounters during his investigations. It's not just a cookbook; it's a window into the culinary traditions and flavors of the Dordogne region of France.

The recipes featured in the book are both accessible and authentic, allowing readers to recreate the rustic French dishes that play a central role in Bruno's world. From hearty cassoulet to delectable tarts, the recipes are well-detailed and accompanied by beautiful photographs that inspire confidence in the kitchen. Even novice cooks will find the instructions clear and easy to follow.

Walker's storytelling prowess shines through in his descriptions of the village, its inhabitants, and the ingredients that make up each dish. Readers are treated to glimpses of daily life in St. Denis, and the narrative adds depth to the recipes, making them feel like part of a larger tapestry of culture and tradition.

While "Bruno's Cookbook" is a delightful read, it may not suit everyone's tastes. Readers who are not familiar with Martin Walker's Bruno, Chief of Police series may find some references to the fictional village and its characters a bit confusing or disconnected from the recipes. Additionally, those seeking a strictly traditional cookbook might be put off by the occasional fictional elements woven into the text.

In conclusion, "Bruno's Cookbook" by Martin Walker is a charming and unique addition to the world of cookbooks. It successfully marries fiction and gastronomy, offering both fans of the Bruno, Chief of Police series and food enthusiasts a delightful experience. With its mouthwatering recipes and evocative storytelling, it transports readers to the enchanting French countryside and allows them to savor the flavors of St. Denis. Whether you're a fan of the series or simply looking for a taste of rustic French cuisine, "Bruno's Cookbook" is a satisfying and enjoyable read that will have you eager to try your hand at the recipes within its pages.