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Wells, Patricia

Bistro Cooking

Bistro Cooking

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From the publisher

Bistro is warm. Bistro is family. Bistro is simple, hearty, generous cuisine-robust soups and country omelets, wine-scented stews and bubbling gratins, and desserts from a grandmother's kitchen.

Researched and written by Patricia Wells, author of The Food Lover's Guide to Paris and The Food Lover's Guide to France, here is a celebration of the no-nonsense, inexpensive, soul-satisfying cuisine of the neighborhood restaurants of France.

Bistro Cooking contains over 200 scrumptious bistro recipes made lighter and quicker for the way we cook today. Warm Poached Sausage with Potato Salad. Benoit's Mussel Soup. Guy Savoy's Fall Leg of Lamb. Beef Stew with Wild Mushrooms and Orange, Chicken Basquaise, Pasta with Lemon, Ham, and Black Olives, L'Ami Louis' Potato Cake, Provencal Roast Tomatoes, Pears in Red Wine, and Golden Cream and Apple Tart. Throughout, lively notes and sidebars capture the world of bistro owners in the kitchen, les grands chefs, and more.

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From Chef Scott

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This book is an absolute delight, offering a rich collection of recipes that encapsulate the soulful and comforting essence of bistro dining. Wells, with her deep appreciation and understanding of French culinary traditions, has crafted a cookbook that not only instructs but also transports the reader straight to the charming streets of Paris. The brilliance of "Bistro Cooking" lies in its simplicity and authenticity. Wells has skillfully curated a selection of recipes that are both approachable and satisfying, perfectly capturing the spirit of casual yet sophisticated French bistro fare. From hearty stews and casseroles to light salads and decadent desserts, the book presents a diverse array of dishes that are bound to become staples in any home cook's repertoire. Each recipe in the book is a testament to Wells’ expertise and her ability to convey the nuances of French cooking in an accessible manner. The instructions are clear and concise, making the recipes achievable for cooks of all skill levels. Wells’ emphasis on using fresh, quality ingredients speaks to the heart of bistro cooking, where the focus is on bringing out the best in each component. What truly makes "Bistro Cooking" a joy to read and use is Wells' passion and enthusiasm, which shine through in her writing. Her personal anecdotes and insights into the culture and traditions of French bistros add a delightful and engaging dimension to the book. It’s as if Wells is right there in the kitchen with you, sharing stories and guiding you through each recipe. The photography in the book is wonderfully evocative, capturing the rustic elegance and charm of bistro dishes. Each photograph is not just a depiction of the food but an invitation to dive into the world of French cuisine and embrace its comforting embrace. In addition to the fantastic array of recipes, Wells provides valuable tips on creating the perfect bistro ambiance at home, from wine selections to table settings. This holistic approach ensures that "Bistro Cooking" is not just a cookbook but a guide to recreating the entire bistro experience in your own dining room. It is a book that will inspire, educate, and most importantly, bring joy to your cooking. Whether you are a seasoned cook or just beginning your culinary journey, this book will hold a special place in your kitchen and your heart, serving as a constant source of inspiration and culinary delight.