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Child, Julia

Baking with Julia: Sift, Knead, Flute, Flour, and Savor

Baking with Julia: Sift, Knead, Flute, Flour, and Savor

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From the publisher

Nothing promises pleasure more readily than the words "freshly baked." And nothing says magnum opus as definitively as "Baking with Julia," which offers the dedicated home cook, whether a novice or seasoned veteran, a unique distillation of the baker's art.

"Baking with Julia" is not only a book full of glorious recipes but also one that continues Julia's teaching tradition. Here, basic techniques come alive and are made easily comprehensible in recipes that demonstrate the myriad ways of raising dough, glazing cakes, and decorating crusts. This is the resource you'll turn to again and again for all your baking needs. With "Baking with Julia" in your cookbook library, you can become a master baker.




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From Chef Scott

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"Baking with Julia" is a timeless masterpiece that epitomizes the joy of baking and celebrates the culinary brilliance of Julia Child. With this book, readers embark on a delectable journey through the world of baking, guided by the expert hands of a culinary icon.

The pages of "Baking with Julia" are brimming with a delightful assortment of recipes, each one carefully curated to unravel the secrets of successful baking. Julia's warm and approachable style shines through as she demystifies even the most intricate techniques, making them accessible to bakers of all levels.

What truly makes this book exceptional is the combination of Julia's passion for baking and the stories of talented bakers who contribute their insights. With step-by-step instructions and stunning visuals, the recipes come to life, inspiring both creativity and confidence.

"Baking with Julia" isn't just a cookbook; it's a celebration of the art of baking and a testament to Julia's enduring influence. A must-have for every kitchen, this book transforms the act of baking into an unforgettable journey filled with deliciousness and discovery.