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Pfeiffer, Jacquy

Art of French Pastry: A Cookbook

Art of French Pastry: A Cookbook

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From the publisher

The definitive book on classic French pastry recipes from an award-winning pastry chef, star of the documentary Kings of Pastry, and cofounder of the renowned French Pastry School in Chicago. What does it take to make a flawless eclair? A delicate yet buttery croissant? To perfectly pipe dozens of macarons? All the answers are here in this comprehensive, easy-to-use, wonderfully written and gorgeously illustrated book of French pastry fundamentals. With a wealth of information on ingredients (how they react in various combinations, how different environments affect those reactions), equipment, and techniques, you will be able to start with the basics and learn how to make everything from pate a choux to pastry cream, from brioche to Black Forest Cake, from Vacherin to Croquembouche. Laced with charming, witty memories and anecdotes from a lifetime in pastry, Chef Pfeiffer will have you fully appreciating the hundreds of years of tradition that shaped these 75 recipes into the classics that we know, love, and--with the help of this wonderfully engaging and endlessly edifying book--can now prepare and serve to our friends and families over and over again. The Art of French Pastry is a master class from a master teacher.

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From Chef Scott

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Prepare to be transported to the enchanting world of French pastry with Jacquy Pfeiffer's "The Art of French Pastry." This culinary masterpiece has left me absolutely elated and brimming with enthusiasm for the exquisite artistry of French desserts.

Pfeiffer's book is a true treasure trove for anyone passionate about the delicate and decadent world of pastries. From the moment you crack open its pages, you are swept away into a realm of sweet creations, precision, and the boundless joy of creating edible works of art.

What sets "The Art of French Pastry" apart is the author's unwavering dedication to his craft. With every page, Pfeiffer shares his profound knowledge and artistry, making the seemingly complex world of French pastry accessible and utterly enjoyable. His enthusiasm for teaching is infectious, and you'll find yourself eagerly diving into recipes that you might have once considered intimidating.

The recipes within this book are nothing short of divine. From the flakiest croissants to the creamiest crème brûlée, each dessert is presented with meticulous detail and clear instructions that guide you towards pastry perfection. The accompanying photography is a visual feast, igniting your passion to recreate these confections with your own hands.

But "The Art of French Pastry" isn't just a recipe book; it's a heartfelt journey into the soul of a pastry chef. Pfeiffer's personal stories and insights reveal the dedication and love that goes into crafting these delectable treats. He imparts the wisdom of generations, making you feel like you're learning from a true master of the craft.

What truly shines in this book is its celebration of the artistry and precision that French pastry demands. Pfeiffer's emphasis on technique and presentation elevates the experience of creating and enjoying these desserts to new heights. It's not just about the taste; it's about the beauty and joy of indulging in edible masterpieces.

"The Art of French Pastry" is a culinary triumph that will leave you ecstatic and eager to embark on your own pastry adventures. Whether you're a seasoned baker or a novice, this book will reignite your passion for creating sweet delights and open the door to the magical world of French patisserie. Jacquy Pfeiffer's commitment to preserving and sharing the art of pastry is both inspiring and heartwarming. It's a joyful celebration of creativity, craftsmanship, and the happiness that comes from savoring a perfectly crafted dessert. Bon appétit!