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Olney, Richard

The French Menu Cookbook: The Food and Wine of France--Season by Delicious Season

The French Menu Cookbook: The Food and Wine of France--Season by Delicious Season

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From the publisher

Originally published in 1970, The French Menu Cookbook is one of the most important culinary works of the twentieth century. It has served as a foundational resource and beacon to cooks worldwide--including visionaries like Alice Waters--who redefined American cuisine. Well ahead of his time, Olney champions a seasonal approach to cooking and provides thoughtful, intriguing wine pairings. This revolutionary text offers masterfully arranged menus for every occasion, from casual dinners for two to decadent soirees. In paperback for the first time, this celebrated kitchen classic is a must-have for adventurous home cooks, chefs, gourmets, and Francophiles alike.

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From Chef Scott

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"The French Menu Cookbook" is a culinary masterpiece that elegantly captures the essence of French cuisine through the lens of its regional and seasonal specialties. This book is a treasure for anyone passionate about French cooking and its deep connection to the rhythms of nature and the local terroir. It's an enchanting journey through the diverse landscapes of French cuisine, offering a rich tapestry of flavors that change with the seasons.

The author's deep knowledge and love for French food shine through in this beautifully composed cookbook. The recipes are organized according to the seasons, reflecting the traditional French approach to eating fresh, locally sourced food when it's at its best. This structure not only provides readers with a guide to seasonal eating but also offers a glimpse into the regional variations of French cuisine.

Each recipe in "The French Menu Cookbook" is a celebration of the ingredients and dishes that define French culinary culture. From hearty winter stews to light summer fare, the book covers a wide range of dishes, all of which are imbued with the elegance and simplicity that are hallmarks of French cooking. The author's attention to detail and the authenticity of the recipes ensure that each dish, whether a classic or lesser-known regional specialty, is a joy to prepare and savor.

One of the most appealing aspects of this book is its emphasis on the harmonious pairing of food and wine. The author provides insightful recommendations for wine pairings with each recipe, enhancing the dining experience and deepening the reader’s understanding of the integral relationship between French cuisine and its celebrated wine culture.

The narrative accompanying the recipes is both informative and evocative, rich with descriptions of French landscapes, culinary traditions, and the author's personal experiences. This storytelling adds a delightful depth to the book, transporting readers to the quaint villages, bustling markets, and lush vineyards of France.

Visually, "The French Menu Cookbook" is a pleasure, with gorgeous photography that captures the beauty and essence of the dishes and the regions they come from. The layout of the book is thoughtful and engaging, making it easy to navigate and a joy to peruse.

Beyond the sumptuous recipes, the book is a valuable resource on French culinary techniques and ingredients. The author's tips and insights equip home cooks with the skills and knowledge to authentically recreate the flavors of France in their kitchens.

This is an exquisite celebration of French cuisine in all its regional and seasonal diversity. It’s a book that not only guides you through the rich landscape of French cooking but also inspires a deeper appreciation for the art of combining fresh, seasonal ingredients with the perfect wine. Whether you are a seasoned cook or a lover of French culture and cuisine, this book is a delightful and informative addition to your culinary collection.