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Grolet, Cédric

Opera Patisserie

Opera Patisserie

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From the publisher

Opéra Pâtisserie marks the entrance of the most talented pastry chef of his generation, Cédric Grolet, into the world of boulangerie-pâtisserie. This book coincides with the opening of his new shop in the Opéra district in the heart of Paris.

Far from the haute couture pastries designed at palace hotels, with Opera Pâtisserie, Grolet returns to the essentials with a collection of hearty and accessible recipes. Follow your senses through the pages to discover the very best French recipes for viennoiseries, breads, biscuits, pastries, and frozen fruit sorbets. From croissant to mille-feuille, from tarte tatin to .clairs, the book features 100 fully illustrated desserts we all love.


Recipes are organized into chapters that follow the rhythm of the day. At 7 a.m., it's time for viennoiseries and breads; at 11 a.m., it's pastries; at 3 p.m., desserts and frozen fruits; and at 5 p.m., it's time for the final batch of bread.

Opéra Pâtisserie is the indispensable book for every pastry lover!

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From Chef Scott

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"Opera Patisserie" by Cédric Grolet is a stunning and exquisite culinary masterpiece that invites readers into the sophisticated world of French patisserie through the eyes of one of its most celebrated contemporary masters. Grolet, known for his innovative approach and artistic creations, presents a book that is a testament to his expertise and creativity in the realm of pastry. This book is a must-have for professional pastry chefs, aspiring bakers, and anyone who appreciates the art of fine patisserie.

The book is a dazzling display of Grolet’s skill and vision, featuring an array of breathtaking pastries that are both a visual and gustatory delight. Each creation is meticulously crafted, showcasing Grolet’s ability to transform classic French pastries into modern, sculptural artworks. The recipes range from his iconic fruit-shaped desserts to reinterpretations of traditional French classics, such as the eponymous Opéra cake.

"Opera Patisserie" stands out for its attention to detail and precision. Grolet’s instructions are clear and precise, allowing readers to understand the intricacies and techniques required to create his stunning desserts. The step-by-step guides are complemented by beautiful photographs that not only illustrate the processes but also capture the elegance and complexity of the finished pastries.

One of the most compelling aspects of the book is its ability to inspire creativity. Grolet encourages readers to look beyond traditional pastry forms and to experiment with flavors, textures, and presentation. His approach is both educational and inspirational, making "Opera Patisserie" a valuable resource for professional development and artistic exploration in baking.

Beyond the recipes, the book delves into the philosophy and inspirations behind Grolet’s work. Readers gain insight into his creative process, from the conceptualization of a new dessert to the meticulous execution of each element. This behind-the-scenes look at Grolet’s methodology enhances the reader's appreciation of the artistry involved in high-level patisserie.

The book’s design is as sophisticated as its content, with a layout that is both elegant and practical. The stunning photography not only showcases the desserts but also conveys the ambiance and luxury associated with Grolet’s creations. This visual appeal makes "Opera Patisserie" a beautiful addition to any culinary book collection.

In short, "Opera Patisserie" by Cédric Grolet is more than just a cookbook; it’s an artistic journey through the world of French pastry. It is a celebration of innovation, precision, and beauty in baking. Whether you are a seasoned pastry chef or a baking enthusiast, this book offers a unique opportunity to learn from one of the masters of modern patisserie and to be inspired by his breathtaking creations. "Opera Patisserie" is a testament to the endless possibilities of culinary art and a source of inspiration for anyone who aspires to create extraordinary pastries.