Hussain, Nadiya

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From the publisher

When Nadiya Hussain, the UK's national treasure, began cooking, she headed straight to the oven--which, in her home, wasn't used for baking, but rather for storing frying pans! One day, her new husband asked her to bake him a cake and then... she was hooked! Baking soon became a part of her daily life.

In her newest cookbook, based on her Netflix show and BBC series Nadiya Bakes, Nadiya shares more than 100 simple and achievable recipes for cakes, cookies, breads, tarts, and puddings that will become staples in your home. From Raspberry Amaretti Biscuits and Key Lime Cupcakes to Cheat's Sourdough and Spiced Squash Strudel, Nadiya has created an ultimate baking resource for just about every baked good that will entice beginner bakers and experienced pastry makers alike.

From Chef Scott

Do you hug your cookbooks? I've hugged my copy of Nadiya Bakes almost daily since it arrived. This is a baking book filled with joy and happiness. It is a book filled with interesting and clever flavor combinations. It is a book for people who love to bake and who have real lives. Read my review for more.

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