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Fourmont, Camille

La Buvette: Recipes and Wine Notes from Paris

La Buvette: Recipes and Wine Notes from Paris

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From the publisher

Inspired by the stylish, intimate, and laid-back vibes of La Buvette--a tiny wine shop that doubles as a bar and café--in Paris's 11th Arrondissement, this guide to wine, food, and Parisian lifestyle unlocks the secrets to achieving that coveted je ne sais quoi style of entertaining, along with revealing the best of the City of Light.

La Buvette's owner, Camille Fourmont, offers a look into the wine notes she uses to stock her shop and the incredible recipes she prepares in the shop's miniscule "kitchen" space. She also introduces some of Paris's best wine and food makers in intimate portraits. Included are fifty recipes for easy and delicious snacks and full meals perfect for impromptu grazing-style entertaining--with plenty of wine--such as Camille's "famous" Giant Beans with Citrus Zest; Pickled Egg with Furikake; Canned Sardines and Burnt Lemon; Baguette, Butter, and White Peach and Verbena Jam; and Crème Caramel.

With tips on selecting wine and sourcing antique kitchenware, recreating the charm and ease of Parisian-style entertaining has never been so enjoyable. Whether you are traveling to Paris or bringing a piece of the City of Light into your home, you'll learn how to drink, eat, and shop like a true Parisian.

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From Chef Scott

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Take a charming and sophisticated journey into the heart of Parisian gastronomy and wine culture! This book is a delightful fusion of simple yet elegant recipes, insightful wine notes, and the quintessential Parisian flair. It’s a perfect guide for those who wish to bring a slice of Paris into their homes, offering a taste of the relaxed, chic, and unpretentious food and wine experience found in the city’s beloved buvettes.

The author wonderfully captures the essence of La Buvette, a celebrated Parisian establishment known for its exceptional yet approachable wine selections and perfectly paired small plates. The recipes in the book are thoughtfully curated to reflect the simplicity and sophistication of French cuisine. They are easy to follow, ensuring that even those with minimal cooking experience can recreate the flavors of Paris in their own kitchens.

What sets "La Buvette: Recipes and Wine Notes from Paris" apart is its unique combination of food and wine. The book is as much a culinary guide as it is a journey through the world of wine. The author shares expert knowledge on wine, including tasting notes, pairing suggestions, and insights into selecting the perfect bottle to complement each dish. This holistic approach to dining captures the true spirit of a Parisian buvette, where food and wine are enjoyed in harmony.

The recipes cover a diverse range of offerings, from savory appetizers to delightful main courses and desserts, each embodying the rustic yet refined charm of French bistro fare. The dishes are designed to be shared, encouraging readers to embrace the social aspect of dining that is so central to Parisian culture.

Visually, the book is a treat. It is filled with stunning photography that not only showcases the beauty of the dishes but also captures the ambiance of Paris and its eateries. The images transport readers to the quaint streets of Paris, offering a visual feast that complements the recipes and wine notes.

Beyond recipes and wine, "La Buvette" offers anecdotes and stories about Parisian life and the buvette experience. These personal touches add depth to the book, making it not just a cookbook but a narrative journey through the heart of Paris. The author’s love for La Buvette and its ethos of simple, joyful dining shines through on every page.

Whether you are a food enthusiast, a wine lover, or someone who dreams of Paris, this book will inspire and delight. It’s a celebration of the small pleasures in life, offering readers a chance to create their own Parisian haven, one recipe and one glass of wine at a time.