Pasta Like Nonna Made - Thanks to the Pasta Grannies!

About this experience

Pasta nourishes the body and the spirit. And, it's incredibly easy to make at home!

Join us to explore recipes from The Pasta Grannies.

We'll be cooking Felicia's Basil Pasta and Aubergine Sauce. The pasta is a fascinating variation on the classic egg pasta and the vegetarian sauce is both simple and delicious!

We'll also be making Anna's Cresc'tajat with Beans. The delicious bean ragu is easy and quick - plus, you can convert to a vegan version in a snap. The lush pasta is made from cooled polenta and flour - a great vegan option that you'll want to use with lots of sauces.

The course fee includes a copy of The Pasta Grannies so that you'll be able to continue exploring the charming cookbook at home.