Jacques Pépin New Complete Techniques (Revised)

Jacques Pépin New Complete Techniques (Revised)

Pepin, Jacques

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From the publisher

A culinary masterclass taught by the chef himself, Jacques Pépin's New Complete Techniques includes more than 600 cooking techniques and methods along with 160 recipes. Each recipe and technique is explained using step-by-step instructions accompanied by photography featuring Pépin himself.

Follow along as this culinary legend demonstrates every aspect of classic cooking, from start to finish. Whether you're a home cook interested in learning basic skills, or a seasoned professional looking for pro-tips, Jacques Pépin's New Complete Techniques has something for everyone. An example of the range of topics covered includes: 

  • How to sharpen a knife 
  • How to peel an onion
  • How to bone a chicken 
  • How to make decorative swans and flowers out of fruits and vegetables
  • How to use an old refrigerator as a smoker for fish

The time-tested recipes in this volume teach everyone, from the greenest home cook to the most wizened professional, how to put techniques into practice. This completely revised edition includes thousands of color and black-and-white photographs and is redesigned to make it even easier to follow the step-by-step techniques.

From Chef Scott

When it's time to up your game, Jacques Pépin is the coach you need.  I mean really - is there anything the man can't do?  From shucking oysters to trussing a chicken, Chef Pépin has taught me "basics" that are well beyond basic.

Do Good, For Yourself and For Others

And remember - a portion of every sale goes to fight childhood hunger. So go ahead, unlock your culinary genius!™

— Chef Scott

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