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David, Elizabeth

French Provincial Cooking

French Provincial Cooking

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From the publisher

First published in 1962, Elizabeth David's culinary odyssey through provincial France forever changed the way we think about food. With elegant simplicity, David explores the authentic flavors and textures of time-honored cuisines from such provinces as Alsace, Provence, Brittany, and the Savoie. Full of cooking ideas and recipes, French Provincial Cooking is a scholarly yet straightforward celebration of the traditions of French regional cooking.

NOTE: 1999 printing

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From Chef Scott

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"French Provincial Cooking" by Elizabeth David is a classic and esteemed work in the world of culinary literature, beautifully encapsulating the essence and simplicity of French regional cuisine. This book stands as a testament to David's deep understanding and appreciation of French cooking, offering a rich exploration of the traditional dishes that define the rural and provincial areas of France. Elizabeth David, with her eloquent and engaging writing style, transports readers straight into the heart of French countryside kitchens. Her approach to food is both poetic and practical, making this book a delightful read as well as a comprehensive culinary guide. David's passion for authentic, unpretentious cooking shines through each page, inviting readers to explore the diverse and flavorful landscape of French provincial cuisine. The recipes in "French Provincial Cooking" are thoughtfully curated to reflect the regional diversity of France. From the hearty stews and cassoulets of the southwest to the aromatic herbs and vegetable dishes of Provence, David captures the soulful essence of each region's culinary traditions. The recipes are meticulously detailed, offering clear instructions and valuable insights into the ingredients and techniques that make French cuisine so revered. One of the most compelling aspects of this book is its depth of historical and cultural context. David not only shares recipes but also weaves in stories, anecdotes, and observations about the regions, their people, and their food customs. This narrative style enriches the recipes, providing readers with a deeper appreciation of the dishes and the places they come from. "French Provincial Cooking" is also noteworthy for its influence on how French cuisine is perceived internationally. When first published, it played a significant role in introducing the English-speaking world to the complexities and joys of French cooking. Decades later, it continues to be a pivotal reference for anyone interested in exploring authentic French dishes. The book’s layout and design are reflective of its time, focusing more on content than imagery. While it may not be filled with photographs, the quality of the writing and the depth of information more than compensate, offering a truly immersive experience. In addition to the recipes, David provides practical advice on selecting ingredients, kitchen equipment, and wine pairings, making "French Provincial Cooking" a comprehensive guide for both novice cooks and experienced chefs. In conclusion, "French Provincial Cooking" by Elizabeth David is a timeless classic that belongs on the shelf of anyone who appreciates fine food and the art of good cooking. It’s a book that not only teaches how to cook but also conveys the joy and passion that are at the heart of French cuisine. David's work continues to inspire and educate, making the rich traditions of French provincial cooking accessible and enjoyable to cooks around the world.