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"Bloom" Kitchen Towel

"Bloom" Kitchen Towel

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From the artisan

This unique kitchen towel is functional art for your kitchen! The design is from my original artwork which is then scanned, manipulated in photoshop (to create a pattern repeat) and printed in a high quality production process.

My company motto SIP SAVOR LOVE is printed on the side with a little red heart. This is to remind us to live in the moment. SIP life, savor and always love.

Features include: Super size 20” x 30”. 100% high grade organic cotton. Beautifully mitered corners and thoughtful hanging loop. Natural and long lasting dyes so the colors do not fade after many washings. Color safe.

Colors: aqua, blue and green with touches of chartreuse.

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From Chef Scott

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I love this napkin. And I love the artist even more!

SIP is a unique eco-friendly textile company owned and designed by California artist Julia Minasian. SIP is dedicated to being ethically sustainable with a focus on living in the now to allow ordinary objects for the home remind us to be kind to our selves, our earth and all its inhabitants.