A Touch Of Love Napkin

A Touch Of Love Napkin

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From the artist

I love this napkin.

Park Place comes from a watercolor design I did for bedding I added a background motif that makes it feel there is a layer of embroidery. I love painting flowers!

The colors are greens, chartreuse, purple with touches of aqua on a stone background. A beautifully embroidered heart is on one corner to remind us that it's all about the touches of love we bring to the world!

Organic cotton, mitered corners 20" x 20".


From Chef Scott

I love this napkin too. And I love the artist even more!

SIP is a unique eco-friendly textile company owned and designed by California artist Julia Minasian. SIP is dedicated to being ethically sustainable with a focus on living in the now to allow ordinary objects for the home remind us to be kind to our selves, our earth and all its inhabitants.

Do Good, For Yourself and For Others

And remember - a portion of every sale goes to fight childhood hunger. So go ahead, unlock your culinary genius!™

— Chef Scott

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